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Image by Annie Spratt

CIRRUS OCT Photo 600

from Zeiss

The CIRRUS photo 600 is a compact system that combines a full-color camera with mydriatic and non-mydriatic options, as well as CIRRUS OCT technology, for comprehensive eye care practices. Developed in collaboration with Zeiss and its research partners, the system employs advanced algorithms to accurately measure and display layers in the eye. The FoveaFinder™ and AutoCenter™ features automatically ensure measurements are taken in the correct locations, freeing the operator from the need to center the scans precisely. CIRRUS data cubes are registered with data from prior visits, enabling detailed comparisons. With normative databases for ONH, RNFL, and macular thickness, assessments can be made with ease. The CIRRUS photo facilitates efficient cross-modality analysis, allowing easy switching between fundus images and OCT scans and maps.

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