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  • Can you summarize an average comprehensive exam?
    "First I start with the prescription. Then I check vision with and without glasses. I checked their anterior surface. I check the back of the eye. If the patient’s diabetic, I dilate the eye. Patients don’t like to be dilated, but it’s a better view for me. And then we walk outside and we look at the best fitting glasses on."
  • What is the worst case scenario if you sleep in your contacts?
    "You can get an ulcer, you can have a fungal infection in brewing underneath the contact lens that can lead to an advance ulcer, that can eat away at the cornea. And, then I have to send you to the emergency room."
  • Why should someone look for a local optometrist and not a chain? Are there financial benefits?
    "Prices are always better. Price is always better in a small smaller practice. The bigger practices start off with a certain budget, when you look at the sheet because I worked in this type of practice, you always come out more expensive than the smaller practice. Price, number one. Second, it’s more catered to you."
  • What are some additional benefits of choosing a local optometrist?
    “I can give them discounts on certain things. I can give them a pair of trials, if they run out of contacts. Whereas [corporate optometrists] go by protocol, no you can only get a pair of trials when you put an order in. I can, say in an emergency moment, that I have a wedding ‘can I come in?’ ‘Sure, come in. You don’t have to pay for an extra visit’. So, I can do things that, you have to pay for every visit there—you don’t have to necessarily here.”
  • Have you ever had to send a patient to the ER due to incorrect contact lens usage?
    "Yes. I had three patients: one was an elder patient and so, I'm assuming she had a hard time taking them out and putting them back in. The other two were patients disregarded the contact lens to where their vision lowered so bad to the point they needed a corneal transplant."
  • Do you recommend frequent use of sunglasses for everyone?
    "I recommend sunglasses for everybody. Especially because the white part of the eye can gather this membrane and every time I see it, I make sure the patient wears UV protection. Because it’s both a genetic component, but it’s the UV from the sun. Sunglasses, every day including winter time."
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